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Quilting from 'Square' One - Disappearing 9-Patch Quilt Front Kit

$ 54.00

Join us for our first beginner quilt-a-long - 
Disappearing 9-Patch!  

Follow along on our YouTube channel as we teach you how to make a disappearing 9-patch.  We start with the basics, a 9-patch, and then transform it into something magical.  It looks difficult, but, in fact, it’s really easy and a great quilt kit for a beginner.   Your kit comes with all of the precut pieces you need to complete the kit as well as segmented YouTube tutorials. 

Kit Includes -  

Everything to make the front of the quilt

- 100 – 5” Squares – White on White or plain White Fabric or Coordinating Small Print
- 100 – 5” Squares – Print Fabric
- 25 – 5” Squares – Center Color
- All fabric is precut into 5” squares and ready for assembly. No need to worry about cutting!

    Finished Quilt Size - ~65”x65”"

    FAQs - 

    What techniques will be taught?
    1) Importance of an accurate ¼” seam
    2) Pressing to the dark side and why it’s important
    3) How to nest and match points
    4) Proper rotary cutter use
    5) How to assemble the front
    6) How to spray baste and pin to make a quilt sandwich with backing & binding
    7) How to stitch in the ditch to quilt your sandwich
    8) How to create binding
    9) How to bind your quilt

    How much is shipping?
    Shipping is always free at both our main website and our Etsy store. 

    Is there a cost for the tutorials?
    Not at all, our YouTube channel is 100% free.  While we would love for you to buy the kit we know that you may have other fabrics in mind and that's totally fine.  In fact, if you see something else in our store you'd like we'll gladly ship you the yardage at the kit price; it just won't be cut to the tutorial specifications.  (You need 2 yards of one print and 2 yards of a solid as well as ½ yard of another print [center]). 

    That's great that you have tutorials, but what if I get stuck along the way?
    We're always here to help. If you get stuck just reach out to us at and we'll gladly assist in any way we can.

    What if I mess up?
    You will end up having some spare precuts as a backup. Also, as with all of our tutorials and block of the month clubs if you mess up please contact us and we'll do our best to help get you back on track.  If we have the fabric in stock we'll gladly send you more fabric in what we call an 'oopsie kit' with free shipping. 

    I see the kit doesn't include binding or backing; can I order that as well?
    Of course, just select the variation under the kit and add it to your cart as well.  Be sure to double check your color.  Stock is limited so we encourage you to purchase your backing and binding at the same time. Once we're sold out; we're sold out.  

    How much backing and binding fabric do I need if I'm not using the kit?
    Backing - 4 Yards
    Binding - 1/2 Yard

    Where can I find the videos?  The videos are available on our YouTube site.  Click here to watch them or to check out our other tutorials. We have also uploaded a sample below so you can see how they look.  Please consider subscribing to our channel though so you don’t miss any updates or new fun releases. 


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    I only see 1/2 yard cuts available for the bolt I'd like to purchase. Can I get a fat quarter?


    Many times the answer is yes. However, there are some rare instances where a bolt may only have multiple cuts remaining. Please send us a message and we'll see what we can do for you. We tend to keep bolt counts low so we don't accidentally oversell. There is a surcharge of $1.00 per small cut.


    Do you cut yardage orders continuous?


    Yes, if you order a quantity of 2 your order will be cut as 1 full yard unless you specify differently. This includes if you buy a custom bundle and more like yardage from that bundle.


    I see you sell in half yard increments, but what if I want 2 yards?

    Since we cut continuous you would simply order a quantity of 4 - 1/2 yards which will equal 2 full yards cut at the 72" mark.

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