Well Hello There! Thanks for stopping by the Shoppe; I hope you like what you are seeing.

I grew up in Stevensville, MT, a town of about 1800 people and as of 2010 one stop light. My grandmother and I would have to drive more than 30 miles to the nearest quilt store making sure we took full inventory of our thread and fabric needs before leaving. That is why when I opened this store in 2014 I did it with the intent of bringing a variety of high quality precut quilting fabrics to everyone regardless of location. (Plus who doesn’t like shopping in their pajamas?) Now, many years later, living in Wylie, TX, the shoppe can have a small town feel while still being close to a major metropolitan area.

How is this good for you? One of our core goals is making sure your shipment gets wrapped up and out the door by the next shipping day. Since we mail from a major hub in the center of the country we can get your bundle to you quickly; many times, within 2-3 days. I know that when I find that perfect fabric for my next project I want to get started as soon as possible and I’m sure you do too.

By bringing in smaller quantities of fabrics we are able to offer a larger variety of lines, manufacturers and cuts. This way we can keep our inventory fresh and give you something new each time you stop by. In placing smaller boutique orders we are also able to accommodate many special requests. If you aren’t seeing a specific precut or bolt send us a quick message. With the condition that we have access to the manufacturer and it’s still an active line we’ll do our best to get it in for you ASAP.

While you’re here check out our blog – The Clever Quilt Studio (.com). It's where I get to be creative by releasing precut quilting tutorials and ideas to hopefully help jumpstart your imagination!

Thank you again for stopping by; let me know if you have any questions.

Have a Fantastic Day & Happy Quilting!

Crystal Delaney, Owner

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